Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sign of the times

Caught this image in Adamson Square on 04/03/2020 as I was picking up a to-go order at LocoMex in Carrollton, GA. Just grabbed a couple of quick shots as I had left my wife waiting in the car and did not want to irritate her. Being at home 24/7, I get on her nerves enough without adding insult to injury.

The folks at the Corner Cafe wanted to let folks know they were open for takeout.
Now for a little rant.
I understand this virus can spread just like the seasonal flu that comes around but the media and government is really pushing the limits these days. Take a logical approach. In New York City, the "epicenter" of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, the population is roughly 18.8 million people. The confirmed number of cases of COVID-19 is less than 60,000 based on the numbers I looked up online this morning. That means 0.4% of the population of NYC is confirmed infected with the virus. Based on today's numbers, almost 25% of those confirmed to have been infected have recovered.
So why isn't that number being publicized? It seems like all the media and government want to do is create fear. Watching the nightly news will make one want to go ahead and die because you have no chance of surviving the "pandemic"!
As I am one of those in the high risk category according to medical professionals (72 years old and living with congestive heart failure diagnosis for the last couple of decades), I take issue with all the hype. Millions have been forced out of work. Restaurants are trying to survive by doing only takeout. Thousands of small businesses have been forced to shutter their doors under "shelter in place" orders from various levels of government (local, county, state & federal). Seems like a huge rights grab that gives me cause for concern. Once government takes away some liberties, they often refuse to give them back.
Time to get off my soapbox. Hope everyone is doing well and is safe as you "SHELTER IN PLACE"!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Last visit for a while

This shot is from my last visit to the coffeeshop I frequent when my wife is at her writers' group meetings. Her meetings have been put on hold while we try to get through the coronavirus pandemic. We have ordered take-out dinners from a couple of restaurants that we frequent but other than that we have 'sheltered in place' as requested. Since I am one of the "elderly" and do have a chronic conditions, it is probably for the best. I spent the last couple of weeks finishing up the model car kit my daughter gave me and now I am trying to challenge myself to shoot an image in the house to post.
But for now, here is the coffeeshop.

For me, this shot drives my eyes around the different subjects as they all seem to be doing something different and not really interacting even though they are close. Hope to get back soon....
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Doggie Meet&Greet

Rummaging through the archives and ran across this shot and the title popped to mind. Taken in Rosemary Beach, FL, in 2011 with a Nikon D2H and Nikkor 18-200mm lens.
Don't remember getting any info on the subjects.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

"Baby Blu" is back!

I know it has been a while since I posted to this blog but I am going to try and be better. I am not getting out much to photograph with the current pandemic going on so any posts in the near future will probably be from the archives.
But NOT  today.
This post is going to be about something my sweet daughter did for me.
Back in 1972, I purchased a baby blue Plymouth Duster 340. I had waited two years to buy this car. I searched dealerships along the Mississippi Gulf Coast even driving to Mobile, Alabama, to check out what was available. I was looking for a very particular setup.The car had to have the 340cid engine and I wanted the floor mounted three shifter bacause the four-speed was an extra $200 and the automatic was $400 more.
Finally, my family and I (wife, daughter and a baby son) drove from Pascagoula, MS, to Brandon, MS, to visit my parents. While we were there, my wife and I drove to Jackson to visit the local Plymouth dealer.
I told the salesman what I was looking for and he said "I think I have one like that on the back lot." A few minutes later, I heard the exhaust note of the car and seconds later it rolled into view.
Here was a baby blue Duster and I was in love! Needless to say, my wife and I drove it home that day! It would be over 15 years before I had to sell that car. There were tears in my eyes as it drove out of sight that day.
Now, fast forward to 2020 and my wife and I are visiting my daughter with her two daughters and her oldest daughter's first born girl. When we arrived, my daughter said she had a present for me. Seconds later, I was holding a model car kit of a 1971 Plymouth Duster 340! Not exactly the same but so close that it choked me up.
It has taken me several months to get the right paint and do the detailing to resurrect the car and my car building skills (it has been 55-60 years since I last built a model car) are not the best but the images below bring back such memories. The street racing I used to do with it to the street race my wife got into against her boss's Corvette in 1976!
The other change in this particular post is the images are in color. I felt I had to show "Baby Blu" in all her glory!!

The final image shows the car in its place of prestige right on my desk. Thanks, Punkin, for the gift and all the memories it has brought back.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Town square

On Friday, I shipped my original Fuji X100S off to Fuji Repair. It is unable to take an image even though most everything is working. I am still hoping it is some glitch and not a sensor failure. Anyway, here is a shot I took with it in panorama mode of Adamson Square in the town where I currently live. Thought it would be fun and different from my usual stuff.

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Monday, March 2, 2020


Recently got over to our daughter's home and had a chance to catch up with her, our two granddaughters and our great-grandaughter who is growing like a weed. She hardly slowed down during the time we were there but I did manage to grab a few shots of her.

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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Senior staff?

I cannot resist posting this shot of some of the senior staff on board the cruise ship Carnival Legend. My wife and I reached the highest loyalty level (Diamond) with Carnival on this cruise and were invited to the Diamond Gathering with the Captain and senior staff. The guy going really nuts is the hotel director Ivo Hristov. He was really enjoying himself meeting with the Diamond guests. There were about 60 Diamond guests on board and many came to the morning cocktail party. It was a lot of fun and the staff really took time to sit and talk with all the cruisers.

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